Paw Works, Inc.

Inspired by a mutual passion to help abandoned, shelter animals in-need, Christina Morgan and Chad Atkins founded Paw Works in Ventura, in January 2014. Paw Works’ initially assisted Ventura County achieve a “No Kill” status, a goal accomplished within the first month of operation. Now in its fourth year, Paw Works, led by Executive Director, Chad Atkins, is the largest animal-rescue, non-profit 501(c)(3) in Ventura County. Working with city and county shelters, over 4,000 abandoned shelter dogs and cats have already been placed in permanent homes. With two adoption centers, Paw Works oversees approximately 100+ pet adoptions each month. Having immediate plans to expand into Los Angeles and already making waves on the east coast, Paw Works is committed to leading a national solution to end animal overpopulation. Beyond foster and adoption, Paw Works addresses these critical issues through community programs such as free spaying, neutering, training, and veterinary care to low-income pet owners. Education and community involvement is a driving force of our mission. Now in its second, successful year, Paw Works’ Child Pet Ambassador Program is committed to shaping the next generation’s interaction with animals, by promoting responsible and respectful pet ownership and care.

Christina Morgan
Mutual Passion To Help The Abandoned

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