Pro-Bone-O Veterinary Care

Pro-Bone-O Veterinary Care has been in the Eugene community since 1998. On the 2nd and 4th Sundays of each month, we hold a free veterinary clinic for individuals experiencing homelessness to bring their pets. We are currently operating in a space provided by the Eugene Mission. We are a 100% volunteer-run organization that relies on community donations. At our clinics, we provide flea/tick prevention, pet food, dog collars, leashes, vaccinations, spay/neuter vouchers, and wellness checks. In addition, when an animal comes in that needs a more advanced veterinary procedure, we contract with one of the local veterinarians to provide that surgery at no cost to the client. We believe in the human-animal bond, many of our client’s pets are their main companion. Their pets provide a sense of hope, and responsibility, often a reason for sobriety, and a reason for being. Our mission is split into four goals: (1) improve the health and well-being of pets of people who are homeless and cannot afford veterinary care (2) prevent the birth of unwanted litters through providing education and financial assistance for spaying/neuter (3) stop the spread of infectious diseases and parasites in the community through vaccinations (4) to encourage and foster the human-animal bond.

Catrina Mathewson
Veterinary Care