My Monetization Notes

“Impact Venture Capitalists”

Hey Team,

I promised to always keep you in the loop. ImpactClub® is a member-driven organization. You all make it happen, while I, and my team, just try to figure out how to keep it going.

This leads to tech team discussions. Development of improved operations. As well as revenue, and capital management. I’m no dummy, at some point, ImpactClub® is going to eat more money than I can feed it, which means, I must start now, converting it to be self-sustaining.

ImpactClub® takes ZERO-percent from any members’ $100 donation(s).



And NEVER will.

(It all goes straight to the winning Charities)

So, to generate revenue as a means to create more steam, to keep the SteamEngine moving, catalyzing a greater Impact. I’m moving down several paths, implemented over the next 12-months:

• National and local Brand Partnerships (think charity:water, etc.)

• Brand Apparel – allowing members to wear the Beliefs (think LoveYourMelon, etc)

• Business Training/Accelerator Program – (think YCombinator, etc.)

• StoryEngine Trainings – (think Masterclass, SelfMadeMan, and many others…)

• Expanding Organic Growth – (think TED, etc.)

• Etc…

On the StoryEngineHack™ side, the path we use to find/train videographer and editor talent, we are designing monetization over there too. To an organization, capital is oxygen.

I refuse to let ImpactClub® suffocate.

With that, my vision and commitment to the core Mission & Purpose will never change. To be “The Strongest Community In Every Community,” through the effective use of story.

This gets to our Belief:

“Your voice is more powerful than your money.”

With IODs: Impact of the Day moving into its 2nd month (100% free with your IC membership) – this is coming true, faster, than I imagined. It’s incredible to see people use Story to connect…

Making new “documented” commitments!!





Following-through on those commitments, seeing the early results. More important? Inspiring others to want to “Enter the journey,” mind, body, business, relationships, to become their best self.

I post everyday, my own journey, mostly for my kids to one day read – advice from their old Dad – but if others can benefit, or be inspired by them in some way, I love that too.

Friend me.


I would love to read more of your stories, as stories are what connect us.

Keep inspiring!


Co-Founder, ImpactClub® – forever Grateful.

PS: Encourage everyone you know to learn the language of Story. If they do, business, life, fundraising, relationships, the attraction of opportunity, clients, money, love, etc. will be much easier for them.

PPS: Favor to ask? ImpactClub® is a registered trademark. Let me know if you see anyone using it unauthorized. Our legal team would be interested in knowing, to protect what you, I, all of us, have/are building.

About IC

Impact Club® is Crossfit® for those who want to make a difference. We are Impact Venture Capitalists. There are local and national leaderboards. We compete. We use our intelligence, connections, propensity to solve problems, committed hearts, and unrelenting conviction to turn small donations into huge impact.