Shelter Care
Sharee Sheets | Disaster Relief
Kat Tigerman | Ending Homelessness
Cindy Wood | Sheltering Families
Jeremy Hardy | Empowering Those in Need
Sarah Robinson | Disaster Relief
Annemarie Landry | Housing the Homeless
Brandi Yanez | Preventing Domestic Violence
Beatrice Black | Providing a Safe Place
Erik de Buhr | Providing Safe Spots
Laura B. Hardy | Dog Rescue
Peggy Durso | Dog Rescue
Ryan Elinkowski | Violence-free Lives
Anne Unmacht | To Overcome Homelessness
Debbie Rodriguez | Going The Extra Mile
Carrie Hughes | A Home for Healing
Cindy Wood | Sheltering Our Community
Susan Luong | Caring for our Corgis
Peggy Durso | A Future for Furry Friends
Arleen Peterson | Sheltering Our Sisters
Jodie Wight | Hope and Housing