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Project T.O.U.C.H. is a shared and homeless prevention housing program with 130 beds to assist single mothers, Veterans, seniors and the disabled averaging 35 to 40 children daily throughout Southwest Riverside County. We provide a local winter emergency shelter for overnight shelter for approximately four months per year (December to April) to meet the needs of hundreds of Temecula and Murrieta homeless each winter. We serve dinner and breakfast 7 days a week while the shelter is open. We have a Police Response Program with the local police departments to assist in homeless and abuse situations. This service is 24/7. We provide direct Emergency Assistance for motel stays, food, gasoline, clothing, bus tickets and any other emergency needs. We supplement food and hygiene products and utilize our long standing business relationships and partners to provide a stream of food donations that not only feeds our clients in transitional housing, but also supports other local non-profit partners and churches that assist the community. We provide Resources to hundreds of calls monthly to provide appropriate resources for any given situation. Project TOUCH partners with Social Services, Drug and Alcohol Rehab programs, Mental Health Service, Homeless Prevention Programs and other community outreach programs.

Anne Unmacht
To Overcome Homelessness