Jill Houseer | Supporting Seniors
Denise Thomas | Better Health for Kids
Jenifer Okamura | Helping Families
Tammy Johnson | Transforming Lives
Jennifer Schwabauer | No person should ever go hungry
Claire Hudson | Promoting Food Justice
Kara Kenan | Breast Cancer Support
Debbie Keener | Positive Parenting
Tyler Mack | Family Supportive Services
Nyia Strachan | Healthy Choices, Healthy Lives
Helen Parker | A Full Service Organization
Renae Wedlake | Care At Home
Debi Alexander | Every Child Has A Chance
John Bell | To Reach All In Need
Denise Thomas | Improving Health
Jenifer Okamura | Dying With Dignity
George Clicquot | A Dedication to Health and Service
Rosanna McDonald | Enhancing Health
Rick Peltier | Centuries of Compassion