Financial Assistance
Kara Norman | Community Engagement
Rick Trawick | Low Income Transportation
Sherri Richardson | Helping Neighbors
Jason Nye | Supporting Workers
Sherri Richardson | Community Support
Leslie Schultz | Supporting Seniors
Kara Norman | Support Local Businesses
Sarah Lynn | Affordable Housing
Shane Solorza | Hospitality worker support
Diane Samson | Pregnancy support
Paula Lyon | Providing to Causes
Elaina Matthews | Fueling The Education of Tomorrow's Future
Christie Mangir | Keepin' It Cool
Leslie Schultz | A Voice For Our Seniors
Debbie Handlson | Lending A Hand
Kirstin Litz | Hope, Empowerment, Renewal, Support
Bronwyn Hogan | Ending Homelessness
Delia De La Cruz | Support For Our Veterans
Becky Smith | Security, Money, Community
Kelan McKeirnan | Funding First Responders
Bobbi Montgomery | Healing Assistance