HERS Breast Cancer Foundation

HERS Breast Cancer Foundation was founded in 1998 by three dynamic women: Tricia J. McMahon, a breast health consultant, Cheryl A. Maloney, a fundraising executive, and Nancy J. Vital, a tax consultant. They were motivated by concern for women and the high incidence of breast cancer as well as the lack of specific services for breast cancer survivors. HERS is an acronym for “Hope, Empowerment, Renewal, and Support” — the feelings we strive to restore in all our patients. Our mission is to support all individuals healing from breast cancer by providing post- surgical products and services regardless of financial status. We do this through three charitable programs: WE Support, YOU Survive, our Lymphedema Project, and Hair with Care — programs that provide survivors with pocketed bras, compression garments, prosthesis, and wigs and other head coverings. Our Program Stores are located in Fremont and Pleasanton, California, and provide “a soft place to fall” for survivors in need. We are a professional accredited organization that provides compassionate support and the highest quality products in an environment that is warm and welcoming.

Kirstin Litz
Hope, Empowerment, Renewal, Support