Family Advocacy
Candice Hanson | Providing a Home
Diane Samson | Pregnancy support
Kathryn Seebold | Family Advocacy & Support
Anna Day | Mental & Behavioral Health
Frances Robin | Mother's In Need
Jeremy Miller | Providing Diapers
Tonya Hatosy-Stier | Women Support
Colleen Lee | Mentors for Kids
Shelley Aloi | Building Strong Relationships
Ann Sobel | Break the Poverty Cycle
Carolyn Cooper | Family Support Services
Jen Powers | Positive Parenting
Raishael Tessari | Granting Wishes
Amy Bedingfield | Supporting Every Family Touched By Cancer
KJ Brant | Kids With Advocates
Jessica Dunn | Promoting Violence-Free Lives
Jessica Serrano | Creating World Changers
Sarah Stewart | Path to Healing
Randy Wood | Spirit of Christmas
Ashley Nicole Moorehead | Not Alone
Andrew Ottesen | Community Caring
Kathy Schey | Faith to the Rescue
Shannon Allestire | Mental Health Metamorphosis
Jodi Peterson | From Shelters to Cubicles
Shawna Walz | Ensuring Access to Diapers
Jane Denley | Child Resources for All
Kristan Sheppeard | Spreading Kindness
Diane Humphres | Victims To Survivors