Ignite Academy Inc.

He was an administrator in an inner-city charter school in Indiana. I was a teacher in a public elementary school in Florida. And after years of working in schools with hundreds of different learners, we both saw a need in education that went beyond our classroom walls. Kids were bored. Kids were just another product on an academic assembly line, spending over 12,000 hours in a classroom before exiting with a diploma. As educators, we knew something needed to shift. We were two teachers with one vision: to create a school where every child can truly thrive. It was over a year ago that Justin Gingerich and I quit our jobs in order to pursue our dream of creating Ignite Academy. Because our focus is on educating world changers who are engaged and prepared for their unique purpose, we based the school around three initiatives: Building Health-Helping kids and families build physical, mental and spiritual health by developing daily habits and disciplines that will last a lifetime, Connecting Kids to their Story-Connecting kids with their bigger purpose and helping them live with passion and faith, Equipping Families- Providing a community where parents can gather, learn, and grow alongside their children.

Jessica Serrano
Creating World Changers