Developmental Disabilities
Michael Planz | Adults with Disabilities
Angela Lindig | Special Needs Support
Cyndy Radovich | Employment Opportunities
Sonja Enger | Special Needs Athletes
Olivia Longo | Friendship for All
Jessica Ahrenholtz | Skills Development
Denise Babjak | Youth Disability Resource
Megan Schomer | Supporting Disabilities
Helen Parker | Serving People with Disabilities
Denise Babjak | Child Development
Regan Mays | Ride On
Rose van Wier Hein | Golden Heart Heroes
Michael Planz | Support, Guide, and Empower
Mary Anne Neiner | Fulfilling Goals
Tom Swanston | One Hoofbeat at a Time
Patricia Wigney | A Bridge to Succeed
Donnalee Velvick-Lowry | To Reach Their Fullest Potential
Suzanne McIntosh | A Cup of Inspiration
Michael Planz | Helping Adults With Developmental Disabilities