*What* Are You Building?

Morning Team,

One thing I’m extremely conscious about is how I design different businesses to integrate. Sloper and I, my business partner, are able to fund Impact Club because of the success of our other businesses. Meaning, we don’t have “A” business. We have a family of “synergistic businesses;” from real estate and mortgage, to training and media companies.

Both local and national.

Remy Fortier, is one of our branch partners on the mortgage side. In HipChat the other day, she posted:

  • Hey All. I just wanted to say how great Brian and Becca and @RyanSloper took care of me today. We bid $625,000 on a condo in San Jose. The market in Silicon Valley is SO nuts. It only appraised for $570,000. So my clients… already putting 20% down now have to come in with another $55,000. I asked the agent if he had back up offers… he has 2 offers matching our price of $625,000 that came in after ours as back up offers. One of them is all cash with NO contingencies. Luckily the buyers have enough cash. Still, when I read the appraisal I felt like throwing up a little. Becca had me on a conference call with all three of them, in about 10 minutes I had all of my client’s options laid out! In a market that moves this fast the speed of their response makes a HUGE difference. Imagine working with a loan officer, and being able to get on the phone with your LO’s mangers… all of them… that quickly. It givers us a lot more power over our deals. Especially important in a market this competitive.

What many don’t realize is that my purpose in life is not to help folks sell more homes or close more mortgages. My purpose in life is to create a movement of movements, by helping others to create their own.

Impact Club: “The Strongest Community in Every Community.”

But to achieve that:

We have to be “The Strongest ‘Business Community in Every Community,'” because it’s local business owners that support and grow local economy. They hire. They produce. They invest. They lead…

But to lead, and grow their business, they must Inspire.

Hence, Storyteller.

As I wrote in Broken Industry this month, in my opening monologue:


  • Saying you’re the CEO and becoming the CEO, are two very different things. CEOs hire. CEO’s lead. CEO’s know now to manage capital, which means, they have successfully created a “bank” of operating capital.Then there is Operations, which we have found, that not better than 1 out of 50 actually understands what effective Operations is. A checklist is not Operations. A checklist does not create or provide productivity and or efficiency tracking systems. A checklist does not create new hirable positions. A checklist does not inspire, lead or create a system of checks and balances to assure quality control. Most local businesses make so many Operational mistakes that they never grow larger than 2-3 employees. Because the foundation, on which the company is built, is too structurally weak. Which creates a disproportioned amount of chaos as the team grows to meet increased client demand. This results, of course, in the typical boom then bust-cycle that plagues most business as they try to scale.Scaling, though, isn’t about increased growth.Scaling is about increased infrastructure.Growth is about scaling the message that has led to growth so far, which means: growth is about amplifying distribution.To do this, it is best to create your own Media Company, where it, through the distribution of multiple messages, can serve as the growth engine to a collection of back-end businesses, including the core service-business. Whether that be real estate, mortgage or otherwise. This (again) is where we come in.Through Advice Givers, our trademarked concept and platform, we’ve devised an integrated solution. Meaning, fitting into the context of your core business, plus Impact Club® – our Media Company concept is perfectly suited to drive both. It also, in addition, was designed with its own business model and monetization paths. After all, “To be the Strongest Community in Every Community,” we need Purpose-driven entrepreneurs, Conscious Capitalists, who have taken steps to “Build the Strongest Business in Every Community.” So, that is just a little of what we’ve been working on. Like I said, I need to do a better job of conveying the specific ways we support Purpose-driven entrepreneurs.

    There are 4 Core Quadrants of our Accelerator Program:

    Content. Distribution. Scale. Impact.

    Everyone wants to jump to Quadrants three and four, because those are the instant gratification and “feel good” quadrants, but our program works because we mandate focus on quadrant one and two first. We even have a faculty to assist you who are past “graduates” of the program. Then, with those pieces in place, you can build a proper foundation suited for scaled growth around that.

    Scaled growth = ability to Impact everyone in your life, including your community, in expanded ways. With your time. With your heart. From a financial perspective. As a leader. Marching with an army of Impact Venture Capitalists.

    Like I said, on the back of Impact Club®, we will build the greatest community of impact, founded by and funded by Conscious Capitalists like ourselves, the world has ever seen.

    My question is, should we talk?

    Are you interested in being a part of this vision?


This is what I sacrifice for. To help and bleed for those who can help me to achieve my purpose in life. “To create a movement of movements, by helping others to create their own.”

I can’t do it alone.

To even try, would make me a moron of epic proportion.

Beyond just the hopes of a better income, have you stopped to think about *what* you’re even actually building? – what is the monument or legacy that you will leave behind, that speaks volumes about your life?

Life is short. It’s gone in a blink of an eye. So, what is your master plan?


Co-founder, Impact Club

About IC

Impact Club® is Crossfit® for those who want to make a difference. We are Impact Venture Capitalists. There are local and national leaderboards. We compete. We use our intelligence, connections, propensity to solve problems, committed hearts, and unrelenting conviction to turn small donations into huge impact.