Yuma Territorial FFA Alumni

Our mission as the Yuma Territorial FFA Alumni is to promote youth in technical education in all of the Yuma area high schools. Our main focus is keeping the kids engaged in the FFA program. With more than 650,000 members nationwide, the FFA encourages youth to be a part of something bigger than themselves. With that comes some cost. Some of the local members can’t afford the $60 for an official jacket and tie. We support all students in need of the funds so that they don’t feel inadequate borrowing a jacket from the chapter closet. It’s theirs with their name on it just like everyone else. When kids want to attend an activity like state leadership camp but can’t afford the $200 to go, we are there. The FFA teaches an array of Career Development Events (CDE’s) that give the kids an idea of what they will learn in that field. We provide coaches, advice and supplies so that our students have all of the information to win at state and national level events. Most students choose a career to study off of the events they participate in. When the time comes we provide college and technical school scholarships to students that apply. They will be the electricians, carpenters, plumbers, florists, business executives and farmers that we as a country will need to survive. These children are our future!

Brennan Amos
Youth In Technical Education

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