YMCA South & Mid Canterbury

YMCA South & Mid Canterbury impacts the lives of over 4500 people every year. Think you know what we’re about? Think education. In our BodyMindSpirit and Opihi Services Academy programmes we work with learners who have disengaged from mainstream education. We help them achieve NCEA Levels 1 and 2 and develop their belief in their ability to succeed. Through our Skills4Life programme, we work with people for whom reading, writing and maths is a real challenge. Without these basic skills, many doors in life are closed – we help to open them. Think support-to-employment services. We help get beneficiaries back to work through our Drive2Work programme. And we also help people gain their full driver’s licence (an important step toward employability) through our new Driving School. Think youth and community development. Through our Resiliency Toolkit we’re working ‘at the top of the cliff’ with 14-18 year olds to build important life skills in stress management, decision-making around alcohol and drugs, healthy relationships, social media and peer mentoring. Our goal is to equip them to be able to bounce back from whatever life throws at them. We’re your YMCA. Still here after over 100 years. Still investing in the next generation.

Olivia Pierce
Opening Doors Through Education

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