Up & Out Foundation, Inc.

The Up & Out Foundation is a non-profit with a mission to educate the public about the disease of addiction, the consequences of untreated addiction, and the process of recovery. Every day, many die from the disease of alcoholism and addiction, and every day far less recover from the disease, but it doesn’t have to be that way. By raising awareness, we can help turn the tide of the battle against this chronic disease that affects so many of us, our friends, and our families. Those involved with the foundation are actively involved in the community to dispel the myths and reduce the stigma associated with addiction by sharing stories and celebrating the success of recovery. In fact, it has been through honesty and openness, that our own founder has reached thousands of people who have been touched by this disease in some form or another. We are a non-profit foundation that relies on the donations from and support of our community members who wish to make a difference. 100% of the proceeds from our events and donations go directly to support our cause and help us to continue to spread the message of hope.

Sam Owens
Overcoming Addiction