The Jake Offutt Foundation

Jake Offutt Foundation - Leah Offutt from Ryan Fletcher on Vimeo.

The Jake Offutt Foundation was founded in memory of 15-year-old Jake Offutt who passed away with a high grade, very aggressive form of brain cancer known as Anaplastic Astrocytoma that is hard to treat and difficult to cure in July, 2015.  The Jake Offutt Foundation, is dedicated to supporting pediatric cancer research, the Johns Hopkins pediatric oncology department, local school athletic departments and scholarships for those wanting to take martial arts classes.  Helping others was important to Jake as he embraced his warrior spirit. We strive to make an impact on the lives of others and give back to the community so that children won’t have so suffer the way Jake did, so that athletic teams will have needed equipment, and so students who wish to take martial arts classes have the opportunity even if they cannot afford them. In Jake’s memory, we choose to reach out to the community for help with large service projects. This year we would like to fund an iPad and Xbox project for the pediatric oncology department at Johns Hopkins.  By doing things for others in Jake’s name, we are able to keep Jake’s memory and legacy alive.  We are able to help others learn to “Embrace the Warrior Within”.

Leah Offutt
Pediatric Cancer Research

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