The Carsyn Neille Foundation

In 2013 our family would experience a tragedy that would change our lives forever. On June 4, 2013 at just 4 ½ months old, our daughter, Carsyn Neille, was diagnosed with a rare and aggressive brain cancer. A diagnostic MRI revealed she had one of the largest atypical teratoid rhabdoid tumors (AT/RT) the pediatric neurologist had ever seen in an infant. This tumor was blocking the necessary fluids in her brain from flowing properly. The MRI also revealed cancer cells that had metastasized down her spine. Within minutes Carsyn was rushed into emergency surgery. Within five hours of her diagnosis, Carsyn was gone. The Carsyn Neille Foundation is a passion project created from our family’s personal tragedy. The foundation’s mission is to support and comfort families affected by childhood cancer through the transformation of their interior home spaces. This transformation isn’t just about creating and designing an esthetically beautiful room. It’s about providing a healthy toxic-free environment that the child can heal and thrive in. When people think of children with cancer, most picture them secluded in a hospital room, when in fact, they spend the majority of their time is spent at home.

Kia Davis
Creators of Comfort