Royal Family Kids

Royal Family Kids camp is a unique week long camp designed to create lasting positive memories for children of abuse and neglect in foster care. This is accomplished at no cost to Social Services or Foster Families. There is a large enough financial draw on their resources already. Royal Family Kids Temecula has been changing the lives of children in Foster Care since 2006. We believe in treating these children royally from the very first moment they arrive until they return to their families. This is accomplished through our dedicated volunteers who give so generously of their time, talents and treasures to positively impact hurting children. They are committed to changing the lives of these children by reinforcing positive behavior while they show children unconditional love. Our hope is through all the positive moments created we can change their perspective of being a child who is unloved, unwanted and unworthy, to a child who is loved and cherished giving them a future and a hope. Through the love shown and shared with the campers we are confident the moments created will be turned into positive memories. All of this is done to break the cycle of abuse and neglect.

Larry Stealey
Royally Unconditional Love

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