Stillbrave Childhood Cancer Foundation

On January 28th 2009, my daughter, Shayla Mitchell, lost a hard fought battle with childhood cancer (Hodgkin’s lymphoma). Shayla was a brave girl who never quit fighting. She endured hours and hours of brutal chemotherapy sessions and radiation treatments. She experienced many complications, including 5 heart surgeries, countless blood transfusions, and a failed bone marrow transplant procedure attempt. We spent hundreds of nights in the hospital together. Yet in spite of her struggles, Shayla never quit fighting, and through it all, she still managed to take pretty damn good care of me. I miss her a great deal. Not only was Shayla my daughter, she was my best friend. Stillbrave was started to finish what Shayla could not. Our mission is to provide non-medical, supportive care to children with cancer and their families. We are committed to helping the families of children battling cancer in any way we can. So while they are fighting the toughest war of their lives, we will fight their lesser battles, so they don’t have to. We are not only here to support children with cancer, we are here to help ease the burden of the family and the caregivers who are fighting battles of their own.

Tom Mitchell
Bravery In The Face of Hardship