Reality Kitchen Nonprofit

Reality Kitchen Nonprofit is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization running a job skills training program supporting young adults who experience intellectual and developmental disabilities. Our Mission: “To offer employment path experiences designed to nourish and inspire all learners, with and without disabilities, to thrive personally and professionally with supports and resources in a community inclusive setting.” In this workplace setting we run a retail cafe and wholesale bakery on River Road serving many and diverse local food service businesses and restaurants. We have been recognized as the alternative to sheltered workshops in Lane County and offer a unique educational experience. Through the work we do in our bakery, our retail cafe and the Pretzel Wagon we are modeling our alternative approach to educating and preparing these individuals to successfully realize their employment and personal independence goals. Gaining self- confidence, socialization skills, personal management in a workplace setting, as well as in the larger community, is at the core of our work with those we serve. Our Supported Staff earn a competitive wage working in an integrated setting where their experiences with other professional staff help them learn transferable skills that each person needs to gain and to live and work independently.

Jim Evangelista
Nourish and Inspire All Learners