Positive Community Kitchen

Positive Community Kitchen’s mission is to inspire wellness through food. Within our small but mighty kitchen, we create love, health and community. Every week, local high school students and adult volunteers join together to cook organic, nourishing meals to be served free of charge for those in our community with life-threatening illnesses. Our hope is to educate those with illness about the advantages of eating a healthy diet, especially while undergoing treatment. While it’s important to serve those who are already ill, PCK believes in prevention of disease through education for our youth. Our teen chefs learn about the importance of healthy eating, gain empowerment skills in the kitchen, and receive the reward of helping those in our community who really need it. Currently we work with local farmers and home gardeners to grow our produce, we have hundreds of teen and adult volunteers each week cooking and delivering food to over 70 clients. We are building a healthier, more positive community that supports each other.

Shanna Hutton
Inspire Wellness Through Food

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