NW Parkinson’s Foundation

The Northwest Parkinson’s Foundation mission is simple: Improve the quality of life of people in the PD community right now. Tomorrow, there is unlikely to be a cure for this disease, but we know for certain that someone in the northwest will be diagnosed with PD. Our goal is to bridge that gap between diagnosis and cure, with the best evidence-based programming available at no or low cost. We want people to Move, Connect and Engage. Parkinson’s affects about 100,000 people throughout the northwest. In the vast areas of Montana, Alaska, Idaho, Oregon and Washington State, NWPF is leading the country in innovative uses of technology to reach people in rural and urban areas alike. NWPF has produced its own speech therapy app for iPads, provides weekly expert blog postings, monthly webinars and updated news and information on new, current and breakthrough therapies. By Moving, Connecting and Engaging, people with Parkinson’s and their loved ones experience improvement in physical symptoms, reduction in anxiety and a clear path forward on the journey with Parkinson’s.

Brad Perry
Therapy For Those With PD