Women To Women Mentoring

Women who are mentored and connected to their community are more likely to become self-sufficient, less dependent on services, and strong contributors in our community. Women who want to make progress in their life join W2WM’s CORE Mentoring Program, which consists of being matched with their very own mentor, 10 life-skill workshops, access to W2WM’s community and staff support. W2WM participants establish long-term relationships of guidance, support, and connection. And, mentees receive advice they are unlikely to find elsewhere – not only unbiased and confidential but also practical and tailored. We’ve helped young women: move from being aged-out of the Foster Care system, to attending college, getting a job and living on her own; who are one step away from homelessness, turn their lives around; who are stuck in a low paying jobs receive help with finding new careers or education paths; who are first generation college students navigate life goals and gain greater access and understanding of our community; and who are seeking ways to better balance the demands of motherhood, job and community.  We are proud to have served over 250 women since 2009.

Tonya Hatosy-Stier
Becoming Self-Sufficient