Frederick County Humane Society

The Frederick County Humane Society provides support for our community as well as helping pet owners keep their pets.  We assist with the cost of vet care, food and necessary items for pet owners facing financial challenge.  Last year we paid over $111,000 in vet bills for Frederick County Residents.  Our Emergency Assistance Program helps with the cost of medical needs.  We received a call from a single mother who was fighting breast cancer.  Her dog ate a hacky sack and needed emergency surgery to save his life.  Medical bills had taken their toll; she was just $200 short.  She worried about her kids losing their pet in the middle of her own medical crisis. We provided the funds needed and her dog is doing great!  Our Pet Food Bank distributes 2,000-3,000 pounds of food each month.  We assist with annual exams and vaccines for low-income families.  We have many other programs, including assistance with spaying/neutering pets, senior programs and our Unsung K9 Hero Project. If we don’t have a program to assist in the needs of the public, we work to find one that is available.

Connie Graf
Assisting With Vet Care

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