Create Common Good

Create Common Good is a non-profit social enterprise whose mission is to create a place of empowerment for people seeking a fresh start. We provide an 8-week foodservice training program followed by job placement assistance to people with barriers to employment, such as refugees and those overcoming incarceration, addiction or domestic violence. While in our program, trainees not only learn the skills to build a career, they also manage our Nutritious Snack Program for low-income kids. Trainees prepare nutrient-dense snacks for kids at the WCA daycare, Family Advocates, Girls on The Run and the Frank Church Community School. Our social enterprise model generates sustainable revenue through utilization of our commercial kitchen for food manufacturing in addition to training. From producing popular restaurant staples like tzatziki for Gyro Shack, to helping grocery store delis like the Boise Co-op with produce preparation, we help sustain our program. To date we have served more than 670 people in the Boise area. In 2017, we have graduated 64 people with an 87% job placement rate and an average starting wage of $9.91/hr. Over 60% of those jobs also offer medical benefits and retirement, ensuring healthy futures for not only our graduates, but their families.

Tracy Hitchcock
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