The Dragonfly Foundation

The Dragonfly Foundation supports pediatric cancer families and patients by: Building a network that connects Dragonfly families to each other and the community, providing programs that enhance quality of life, Enhancing programs in partner Children’s Hospitals, Partnering on psychosocial research with Cincinnati Children’s Hospital Medical Center. Vision: To be the leader in delivering the best support systems for pediatric cancer families. The fight for excellence in pediatric cancer treatment is important, but no less important is the commitment we must make to support the families that strive for fulfilling and complete lives during and after treatment. Though treatment may end, and illness may be cured or managed, the long- term effects of factors like internal group tension, familial isolation, post-traumatic stress, the anxiety of recurrence, and the emotional, physical and financial toll on the family unit often linger long after the battle is won or lost. While the importance of quality healthcare is a common shared value, we must remember to offer families a holistic, uncompromising, fighting chance at well-being, which is our urgent, passionate mission.

Jen Morand
Letting Kids Be Kids