Cancer Support Community

Our goals are to ensure that adults, children, teens and families impacted by cancer are empowered by knowledge, strengthened by action, and supported by community. We strive to help local residents with cancer and their loved ones enhance their health and wellbeing through professionally facilitated support groups, educational workshops, nutrition and exercise programs and mind/body connection classes. We also strive to educate patients, so they learn vital skills that enable them to regain control, reduce isolation and restore hope, regardless of the stage of their cancer. Our accomplishments include helping more than 25,000 local individuals during our 25 years of existence; last year, we celebrated our 25th anniversary, “Hope Alive for Another 25.” Specifically, in the last year we served almost 3,000 English and Spanish-speaking individuals by providing 18 weekly support groups (16 for adults and 2 for children); 6 bi-weekly groups; 6 monthly groups; classes in meditation, relaxation, guided imagery, Tai Chi, Yoga, Zumba and art; a walking group; a biweekly Spanish bilingual group; individual counseling; and many social events such as National Cancer Survivor’s Day Picnic Celebration; an annual holiday party; monthly Comedy Nights; among others. We accomplish all of this with no cost whatsoever to our participants.

Silvana Zucca
Empowered By Knowledge

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