Comfort Cases

Comfort Cases has roots right here in Prince William County, with Rob Scheer, Stonewall Jackson alumnus. Rob was a foster kid. At the age of ten Rob’s parents died and he was placed in foster care. Rob carried what he owned from home to home in a trash bag. Rob aged out of the system at eighteen and became homeless. He relied on the kindness of teachers and he often slept in his car. Rob joined the military and then entered the business world becoming a successful businessman. He was starting a new chapter in his life and he and his partner, Reece, decided they wanted to adopt. They became foster parents and in less than six weeks, they were fosters to two sets of siblings. Each child arrived with their tattered and torn belongings in trash bags. What does this tell a child about their worth and can you imagine what it does to their self-esteem? Next time you pack for a vacation, instead of a suitcase, use a trash bag. Ask the hotel you are staying at to the leave the bar of soap from the previous guests. That’s what a child in foster care encounters. Comfort Cases contain a blanket, new pajamas, a stuffed animal, book, activity/coloring books, studded animal and hygiene kit. These cases are delivered to social service agencies, shelters, and Police Departments in Northern Virginia. We rely on support from the community to create these cases. We have no paid Board Members!

Rob Scheer
From Trash Bag To Suitcase

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