Blue Ribbon Commission


The Blue Ribbon Commission on the Prevention of Youth Violence (BRC) is a local independent 501 C (3) non- profit that uses a youth focused, community centered public health approach to address the multiple factors that lead to youth violence in our community. The BRC currently serves approximately 400 families per year in the Youth Enrichment Zone (Y.E.Z.), an area within the Northside of downtown Wilmington identified as a community of neighborhoods with a history of concentrated disadvantage and crime. Our VOYAGE Initiative (Vision, Opportunity, Youth leadership, Advocacy, Guidance, and Empowerment) is designed to support our youth at each developmental stage while providing ongoing wrap-around support to the whole family. There are currently four VOYAGE youth programs that serve students in 1st-12th grades and aim to equip our youth with essential skills by helping them succeed in school, become prepared for the workforce, and become positive and healthy contributors to society. Our ultimate goal is to create a sustainable model that ensures the development of strong self-sufficient families within communities that value and nurture our youth and fully prepare them for lifelong success.

Brian Blake
Preventing Youth Violence

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