Aspect Trust

The ASPECT Trust was formed by a group of likeminded local business people who saw a need to provide funding for the young athletes who were achieving in their respective fields of sport to a NZ and International level but needed considerable support financially to be able to make the most of the opportunities from their selection. They saw the many tangible and intangible benefits that being active and involved in sport developed in terms of ethics and attributes that help form and develop great people within our community. ASPECT has come a long way since then with new Trustees and a very committed strategic approach, however the core values and the fundamental reason for our existence still rings true. Apart from the continual grants available to young athletes through the Trust, we have developed a Scholarship program now that targets the best of the best and allows them the time and space to concentrate on achieving to be the very best that they can be in the sporting discipline. The Aspect Trust has distributed over $100K in the last few years by means of these conduits and continue to look at the mixed model of targeted business funding and general fund raising.

Christina Ryan
Assisting Athletes Achieve Their Goals

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