This Is My Brave


This Is My Brave is a leading platform and community for people to share their stories of living with mental illness and substance abuse to end stigma. We do this though our flagship production “This Is My Brave – The Show” which features people from the community who have auditioned to be cast in the show to share true stories live on stage through poetry, original music, comedy and personal essays. We held our inaugural show in 2014 in Arlington, VA, to a sold-out crowd of 400. In 2015, we expanded to six shows which were held in Boston; Iowa City; Washington, DC; Harrisburg; New York City; and Los Angeles. In 2016 we grew to 9 shows across the country and last year we held 17 shows across the US, in addition to two shows in Australia, all featuring local individuals and family members living with mental health conditions.

Jennifer Marshall
Ending The Stigma