Action in Community Through Service

Action in Community Through Service (ACTS) has been fostering hope, providing relief, and promoting self-sufficiency for our neighbors for nearly fifty years. We do this by providing for their most basic physical needs, such as food, clothing, and shelter, as well as emotional healing from the effects of domestic violence, sexual assault, and suicide. Last year, we provided services for nearly 93,000 individuals. This includes an average of 650 households who had food to eat (600,100lbs total) who otherwise would have been hungry; 4,000 individuals who were able to keep their heat, AC, water, and electricity turned on; 250 individuals (100 children) who had shelter who otherwise would be homeless, 150 individuals (100 children) who had a safe place to stay when they otherwise would have been vulnerable; and 200 individuals who moved into permanent housing. It also includes 2,200 individuals (300 children) who began new lives free from violence by receiving therapeutic support and court advocacy; 700 individuals (including children as young as 11) who began healing from sexual assault and abuse. ACTS was also here to provide hope to 38,000 callers in crisis (including 9,900 individuals who were on the verge of suicide) and to provide 13,300 reassurance calls to homebound seniors and individuals who are disabled through our 24-hour Helpline. As our logo suggests, ACTS is here both to offer a helping hand when the community reaches out to us and to reach out to our local communities whenever we can be of service.

Steven Liga
Fostering Hope, Providing Relief