Blessings In A Backpack


HUNGER DOESN’T TAKE WEEKENDS OFF!  Blessings in a Backpack provides weekend backpacks of food to local children who depend on the school meals as their primary source of nutrition Monday through Friday.  In Frederick County, more than 11,000 children (27% of all students) are fed by the Free And Reduced-priced Meal Program (FARM), on school days but, “What do they do on the weekends?” Lunch in school on Friday is often the last full meal many of these children have before returning to school on Monday morning. The food provided by BIAB offers a greater opportunity for these children to return to school on Monday better prepared to participate and learn.  BIAB currently feeds 1700+ children in 13 local schools.   It costs only $100 to feed a single child each weekend for an entire school year and 100% of the money raised is used to feed our local kids. The more money we raise, the more children we can feed.

Hermine Bernstein
Food For Local Children