“Charities Are Businesses”.

“Impact Venture Capitalists!”

Hello Team…

One of the principles of Impact Venture Capitalism is that: “Charities Are Businesses.” Not “Charities Are Charities.” Which means, just like a business, charities must figure out how to grow and multiply their base of supporters.

Businesses have customers, clients, patients. Charities have donors. Without these folks, the business dies and crashes. So does the charity. Well, Impact Club is no different, we have members.

If we don’t figure out new ways to inspire (more) Impact Venture Capitalists to join us in the fight to fund local charities, then our impact is limited.

Not multiplied.

When we launched the first Impact Club, Sloper and I had no clue what we were doing. Lots of trial and error. But we learned from that first event, then we applied it to the launch of the second Impact Club.

Then the third. And now, the launch sequence is pretty dialed in.

But now, here we are.

Square #1…

How the hell do we market and promote the 2nd Quarterly Event, to inspire more folks to join us as Impact Venture Capitalists?

I shot a video…

The 5 Step Formula FOR Impact!

Here is that video, Sloper recently shared it:

In it, I talked about the importance of visibility. Just putting on that Impact Club t-shirt, taking a picture, posting it to your Facebook page. But there’s more to it than that. Because blanket-mailing people is highly ineffective. People may see it, but they don’t feel the need to respond…

It’s far more effective to take that photo, step 1…

Write a brief story about what Impact Club means to you, step 2… (make it really authentic)

Post it it to Facebook, step 3…

Tag three to 5 people, who share your same beliefs about giving back, step 4…

Then asking them this question, step 5…

“Can I count on you?”

Then direct them back to the original Impact Club video that explains the concept.

Try it.

The Power of a Pointed Request = Massive Impact

Folks, I can’t wait until the back-end infrastructure is all built. Because then we can go deep into the storytelling aspects of all this. Further, we’ll have methods to track and monitor your Impact, for the new members you inspire.

As an Impact Venture Capitalist, we donate $100 each per quarter. Giving us a personal impact on our community of a $400 donation per year. But through our voice, which is more powerful than our money. If we inspire just 2, 3, 5 people to join us each year or quarter, our effective impact on the community just jumped to $400/year per person, so 5 new members = $2,000 more donated to local charities. 10 new members you inspired? $4,000 more donated to local charities…

That is the power of Impact Club.

In Elevated Philanthropy: “Your voice is more powerful than your money.”



Congratulations to David Kaye. A man of strength who didn’t take his presentation lightly, putting together a powerful StoryEngine – that inspired people (!) to join the fight against domestic violence in Frederick.

Here’s David’s talk:

And thank you Heartly House for all that you do to combat domestic violence!


“I’m listening. Who are you?”

That’s the question you’ll find at the bottom of this email, and every email.

Christina recently wrote me. (Thank you!)

She is the owner of Studio She in Frederick, MD, located in the heart of the historical district.


Who am I? I am an entrepreneur who always is giving back to the community by helping those with medical hair loss….

I volunteer at the American Cancer Society offering makeovers to those in treatment. I also have a big heart for helping those in need and am an advocate for women and children who need a second chance! What compels me? What doesn’t?! LOL. It’s in my blood. Anyone that knows me would say the same.

In the past I have raised money to help the Women for Women program in DC which brings education to women in Congo who are survivors of war/rape etc. I often say IF I had the opportunity to give more I would. IF I won a million dollars I would first wonder which non-profit I would donate too… we all know that thinking like that is, unfortunately, NOT normal.

I am a giver… helper by nature.

It’s how I am wired.



This is why I’m so damn excited about what were doing here. Because historically, to make a greater and greater impact, as a philanthropist, you had to make more money, so you could donate more and more.

But through Impact Club, we can use our VOICE to inspire others. Our collective strength, 100 Impact Venture Capitalists; 200 Impact Venture Capitalists; 1,000 Impact Venture Capitalists…

I once believed that getting to 100 members in each local community would be difficult. In that original launch video, you’ve seen it, I said, “If we can launch 100 Impact clubs, in 100 local communities, and each have 100 members…”

“Then that means, together, we’ll be donating $4 million per year to local charities.”

But here’s the thing.

Getting to 100 members is an easy feat. Because people out there like Christina, who are wired to want to make a difference, have been given a platform through Impact Venture Capitalism and Impact Club, to amplify their impact.

No one needs to “win” millions of dollars – to have millions of dollars worth of impact. It’s much simpler than that. And much more possible. We just need to inspire one other person each, per quarter.

If we do, then our Impact will grow exponentially.


By the end of 2017, we will have raised millions to fund local charities.

-Ryan Fletcher

Co-Founder, Impact Club – forever Grateful.

PS: Encourage everyone you know to learn the Language of Story. If they do, life, business, fundraising, relationships, the attraction of opportunity, clients, money, love, etc. will be much easier for them.

About IC

Impact Club® is Crossfit® for those who want to make a difference. We are Impact Venture Capitalists. There are local and national leaderboards. We compete. We use our intelligence, connections, propensity to solve problems, committed hearts, and unrelenting conviction to turn small donations into huge impact.