Temecula Donates: $12,700

Through ImpactClub®, as Impact Venture Capitalists, we invest heavily in local charities that demonstrate a powerful “Story Engine” and have proven their willingness to fight for their cause – by competing in and winning a high-stakes competition. As a result, ImpactClub®, through Impact Venture Capitalism, has dramatically multiplied the Impact that a single person can have on charities in their local community.

The Charities

Operation Silver Star
Delia De La Cruz
Support For Our Veterans

Operation Silver Star was started to honor our three combat veteran sons who served in Iraq between 2008 and 2009, all of whom suffer from PTSD and one of whom came back as an amputee. Our family stopped what we were doing (work and life) and went to my son’s bedside as he recovered after being wounded in Bayji Iraq where his unit was attacked outside of their FOB in 2008.

Thessalonika Family Services
Cal Winslow
Empowering The Future To Overcome The Past

Rancho Damacitas works to break the generational cycle of child abuse and poverty through programs offering struggling single mothers with young children and young adults formerly living in foster care a chance to get on their feet and thrive within our community. Empowerment Village houses struggling single moms and children.

Temecula Valley Veterans of Foreign Wars
John Z. Hernandez, Jr.
The Smallest Post That Does The Most

According to the United States Census Bureau in 2016-17 there were 15,359 Veterans living the cities of Temecula and Murrieta. In 2016 the Temecula Valley Veterans of Foreign Wars Post 4089 had 250 members. Today the Post has over 450 members and is growing weekly. In 2017 our fundraising efforts raised over $30k thousand dollars.