Trauma Support
Anselme Sadiki | Children's Mental Health
Doug Tinder | Abusive Support
Sonya (Sokay) Roshek | Survivors of Sexual Abuse
Tiffinay Walker | Last Wishes Granted
Amy Feath | Children of Abuse
Karalie Deluca | Infant Trauma Support
Kara Norman | Support Local Businesses
Jennifer Zielinski | Stopping Sex Trafficking
Piper Phillips Caswell | Behavioral Health
Sara Jones | Adaptive Horseback Riding
Katelyn Hart | Healing Children
Megan Witherspoon-Minter | Honoring Hannah
Paula Snook | Equine Therapeutic Riding Program
David Mort | Emotional & Social Issues
Colleen Lee | Mentors for Kids
Shelley Aloi | Building Strong Relationships
Charity Prestifilippo | Granting Wishes
Julie Nowacki | Helping Children Pursue Their Dreams
Lynda Loftis | Repairing the Past with Support
Randy Lung | Dive Into Help
Codie Veitenheimer | Making A Difference, One Child At A Time
Kelly Vates | A Safe Port in a Storm
Magda Stewart | Support and Guidance