Jimmy Hallyburton | Community Bicycle Program
Cory Rodriguez | Veterans' Support
Doug Tinder | Abusive Support
Marc Berkman | Social Media Safety
Spencer Daniels | Community Support
Derek LeBlanc | Gun Safety For Kids
Alissa Magrum | Safety & Drowning Prevention
Jennifer Zielinski | Stopping Sex Trafficking
Leslie Schultz | Helping Seniors
Leah Perry | Navigating the World
Buffy D. Adams | Sheltering Victims of Domestic Violence
Sarah Robinson | Disaster Relief
Erik de Buhr | Providing Safe Spots
Mandy Houvouras | End the Cycle of Violence
Jessie Bunk | Survivors Of Violence
Jaime Hansen | Supporting Families
Lauren Mauk | Empowering Women
Ryan Elinkowski | Violence-free Lives
Sister Peg Spindler, CSA | One Woman, One Family at a Time
Wayne Dorsey | Drink Responsibly