Domestic Violence Shelter and Services

Domestic Violence Shelter and Services, Inc. has empowered victims and their families to break the cycle of domestic violence by providing shelter and on-going support services, as well as prevention initiatives for over 32-years. Our direct services include, but are not limited to emergency shelter, 24- hour crisis intervention, advocacy, material assistance, court accompaniment, children’s programs, and support groups. In 2017, we provided direct services for 1,384 domestic violence victims and their children. We sheltered 168 adults and 90 children—for 6,444 service days in the Shelter. We provided 470 prevention/awareness programs, youth prevention programs, trainings, and outreach events attended by 15,562 individuals. We continue to explore new programs and services to benefit those impacted by domestic violence in our community, as well as provide educational/awareness opportunities to prevent and end domestic violence. Our mission is to provide support services for victims and eliminate violence in our community, where everyone can live a life free of violence and be safe in their own homes.

Mandy Houvouras
End the Cycle of Violence