Emotional Support
Martin Scarborough | LGBTQIA+ Advocacy
Cara Walsh | Adoption Services & Support
Tori Auth | Teen Mental Health Support
Brian Donnelly | Addiction Recovery
Doug Tinder | Abusive Support
Kathryn Bogush | Cancer Support
Cara Walsh | Adoption Services
Martin Flaherty | Homeless Outreach
Teri Kwiatek | Fighting Addiction
Eric Ladwig | Comforting Loved Ones
Kathryn Seabold | Advocating for Children
Jill Krisnitsky | Addiction Recovery
Johnny Urrutia | Veteran Support & Mental Health
Marci Silva | Teen & Child emotional support
Tiana Massaquoi | Supporting Girls
Kris Fair | LGBTQ+ Support
Tiffinay Walker | Last Wishes Granted
Amy Feath | Children of Abuse
Anne Best | Domestic Violence Victims
Darcy Woessner | Alternative Therapies
Karen Severns | Animal Welfare
Lenny Simpson | Inspiring Young People
Inga Janke | Alternative Therapies
Holly Johnson | Youth Support
LaQuita A. Howell | Homeless Center
Diane Samson | Pregnancy support
Melissa Golden | Raising Awareness
Erin Gomez | Providing Relief to Families
Scott Davidson | A Son's Legacy
Victoria Baker | Therapeutic Riding
Megan Witherspoon-Minter | Honoring Hannah
Jenifer Okamura | Helping Families
David Mort | Emotional & Social Issues
Darlena Moore | Education for Youth
Madeline Baker | Riding with Purpose