Burdens Of Poverty
Launee Wolverton | Emotional and Hygienic Support
Brooke DiSantis | Medical and Vaccine Support
Luis Granados | Mentoring At-Risk Youth
Cathy Winwood | Housing Assistance
Brooke DeSantis | Free Vaccines
Morgan DeCarl | Helping the Unhoused
Jason Nye | Supporting Workers
Tammy Hogan | Helping Children
Mark Cooke | Disaster Relief
Steve Liga | Providing Shelter
Sonja Allen | Helping the Incarcerated
Brana Vlasic | Community Hunger
Bart Cochran | Poverty Awareness
Kenton Lee | Fighting Poverty
Jane Radack | Emergency Services
Sara Knight | Supporting Local Families
Sarah Tyndall | Children in Need
Sherri Richardson | Community Support
Alaina Moore | Baby Diapers
Jessica Root | Feeding the Homeless
Kim Gorney | Helping students survive
Jodi Peterson-Stigers | Homeless Care and Support
Frances Robin | A Place of Hope
Sharee Sheets | Disaster Relief
Marisa Tordella | Helping Women
Mercedes Kirkland-Doyle | Strengthening Communities
Sarah Lynn | Affordable Housing
Shane Solorza | Hospitality worker support
Ashley Bennett | Student Homelessness
Kat Tigerman | Ending Homelessness
Leslie Orth | Food for the Hungry
Amy Burns | Empowering Community's
Karen Calder | Tools to Succeed
Cal Winslow | Empowering The Future To Overcome The Past