It’s hard, so we build!

“Impact Venture Capitalists”

Morning Team,

The building of new solutions never ends.

I got an update from, Jake, on our Tech Team the other day, as we work toward launch:

Hope all is well! Here is an update of what we have completed this week:

  • We fixed the issue with “The Storyteller” paragraph overlapping other elements on the “Track Your Progress Toward Mastering the Game” area of the profile page.
  • We made the “Public Profile” button open in a new tab so members are not taken away from the membership site.
  • We made a new menu item on the main nav for Portfolio
  • On the public profile page, we removed the “My” from My Membership Commitment Follow-Through and made the font of that line slightly bigger.
  • We fixed the padding for the left hand menu on the IOD page so that it matches the other pages
  • We adjusted the spacing below the percentage circe on the Membership Commitment Follow Through element
  • We changed the text on the profile page so that it all matches
  • We shortened the initial paragraph on the “Track Your Progress” Element and adjusted padding so that there is no overlap.
  • We updated the logo at the top of the profile page to include the Registered Trademark symbol
  • We changed the header of the Directory to just read Club Directory.
  • The functionality of this red box [not shown] is actually to display the member’s next scheduled event. So that box will display event info as long as an event is scheduled
  • We changed the Check Out page to display the Name of the member’s choosen Impact Club instead of Impact Club – US
  • We made the necessary style changes to the CSS file for the Giving Group Edit User form
  • We adjusted the HTML Zoom rule so that it only applies to the membership site
  • We removed the “Login with Facebook” from login screen
  • We added additional rules so that the login page scales down for smaller screens
  • We added ID’s to the Join Local Club button on public profile so they get credit for referrals
  • We fixed the issue with the thank you page for the Swag Box order form not loading properly.
  • And we discovered that the “Skip a Payment” and “Cancel Membership” buttons were disappearing because of the Zoom rule that we implemented on the membership side. So we had to remove that rule for that page.
  • We will continue along with edits this week in anticipation for the launch

This is about 15% of the minor changes I have submitted over the last week. Including working on the final integration with The Giving Group, so that we, Impact Club, don’t have to handle money.

The Giving Group is a registered 501(c)3 non-profit.

That organization, run by Steve Lamb and his purpose-driven tech crew, will be processing our online member-donations, keeping escrow accounts and delivering tax receipts. This will solve our collections-issue too (of cash and check) which has been a nightmare.

Co-founders, as I’ve stated, have lost friendships over collections.

Some members have made the commitment, then haven’t come through and are quick to break that commitment. Which pisses good people off, when, to them, a commitment is a commitment – your word.

Which, ask your old-school, tough-as-nails-grandpa – you’re only as good as your Word.

With The Giving Group (TGG) partnership, we can get back to doing what we do best. Not collections. But making Impact in local communities. Using the power of our voice to inspire others.


2nd Update:

What really makes Impact Club special and superior to all other donation channels out there, is that Impact Club captures stories. We hire video crews. We document the events.

We incentivize, “Winner Takes All,” local charitable founders to build StoryEngines. Those stories can then be leveraged indefinitely for future fundraising efforts. In essence, they live on.

But, with the growth of Impact Club, and more local clubs.

Comes the hiring of more videographers.

And of course, more video footage. Which leads to a demand for more, and better video editors. Historically, we have just posted dozens of local job ads to find and hire these folks.

That now become too inefficient. So, to change that, my team and I have decided to build a national StoryEngine competition, called “StoryEngineHACK,” to build a community of StoryEngine Mechanics.

HACK = hackathon

Which is a term best known in the coding world, where a competitive challenge brings innovation.

It can be, and is being though, adapted to video –

To serve our purpose.

Take a peek: StoryEngineHACK

That site isn’t yet live, it’s still in the staging phase, so the forms won’t submit. By next week though, should you know someone interested in being a StoryEngine Mechanic, there is opportunity.

You know? Sometimes I just wish this were all easier.

But it’s not.

So we’ll just keep on building!

Thank you for inspiring others, and keep it up – your voice matters!


Co-founder, Impact Club

PS: Thank you for all the recommendations on apparel contacts. I should have been more clear, though, in hindsight. What I’m really looking for is the experienced person I can hire, to build out an apparel division – then execute against it. So, more of an employee-connect, oppose to a service-connection. Nonetheless, I am thankful and appreciative.

About IC

Impact Club® is Crossfit® for those who want to make a difference. We are Impact Venture Capitalists. There are local and national leaderboards. We compete. We use our intelligence, connections, propensity to solve problems, committed hearts, and unrelenting conviction to turn small donations into huge impact.