Washington Kids in Transition

Washington Kids in Transition provides basic necessities to McKinney Vento students residing in South Snohomish County. Our goal is to remove the stressors from our homeless children so that they are able concentrate on an education and not worry about what they will eat or where they will sleep. The stigma for a homeless student is intense. in 2016 only 53% of homeless students graduated from H.S. A student that does not graduate from high school will end up costing tax payers over a million dollars in their lifetime. Washington Kids in Transition partners with in school social workers to provide a safety net of resources. The needs of each homeless family is different, as licensed social workers guide families out of homelessness; Washington Kids is there to provide the emergency resources each family needs. A sample of what we offer: Motel vouchers for families facing immediate homelessness, Emergency closets provide food, school supplies, toiletries, hygiene, coats, shoes, socks and underwear, 250 small bags of food every school day to students riding McKinney Vento busses. For some students, this may be the only food they have until they return to school the next day, and school supported activities.

Kim Gorney
Moving Students Forward