The Whole Heart Center

The Whole Heart Grief and Life Resource Center is a catalyst for bringing C.P.R. (Comfort, Peace, and Restoration) to individuals, organizations and communities by igniting internal transformation that leads to external results. Founded by Denise Rollins, it leverages her education (a masters in grief and death and PhD in marriage and family therapy), skills (gained from management roles in HR, Diversity, Mentoring, Sales, Insurance, and the funeral industry), and experiences (her parents’ divorce, fractured relationships, and the sudden deaths of her mother, son, aunt, and husband) to aid the Frederick community and beyond. As a nonprofit social enterprise, Whole Heart helps people manage the issues of life and loss regardless of their ability to pay. Using holistic processes, experiential learning and simple conversations with small groups and one-on-one, it offers life-changing experiences to help people improve their lives, relationships and futures. We also train and certify others to use our WholeHeart’D Self-Coaching Model. This includes being intentional about offering skill development and entrepreneurial opportunities for individuals receiving public assistance, those connected to the foster care system, college students, and other promising populations. Whole Heart is making a difference by addressing wounded hearts, families and communities so everyone can live wholeheartedly!

Denise Rollins
Healing After Loss