The Music Mission


The Music Mission provides new and used instruments to children with families who are struggling and to the organizations who are helping these families, along with providing beginner lessons. Although our goal to find these children remains locally in our community, we have helped children as far as Cambodia. The Music Mission was founded by Leah Witthuhn as a high school sophomore in 2014 and has since rounded up thousands of dollars worth of donated instruments, donated thousands of dollars in instruments out to children, recruited many volunteer teachers, has been presented with the 2016 Volunteer Award in recognition to The Music Mission and is part of the Thrivent Choice Program. Leah wanted to find a way to take the financial stress off of struggling families thus the Music Mission was created. Music can be a ray of sunshine in a sometimes dark existence. We want to give everyone that opportunity to experience that light. Music is a wonderful thing, and should be available to everyone.

Leah Witthuhn
Gifting Music To Financially Struggling Families