The Idaho Foodbank

In 1983, the Idaho Hunger Action Council recognized a need for a food banking system in Idaho and opened The Idaho Foodbank in Boise 1984. We have since opened regional warehouses in Lewiston (serving North Idaho) and Pocatello (serving eastern Idaho). We have built a network of partner agencies and distribute free food to more than 220 nonprofits around the state such as local pantries and senior centers, allowing us to have a statewide reach and a local touch. We operate seven direct service programs that target specific hunger needs and have received a 4-star rating from Charity Navigator for nine years running. Over the current fiscal year, we are on pace to distributed 20 million pounds of food – enough for 16.7 million meals. This is necessary because hunger is a real issue for more than 220,000 Idahoans. Hunger not only deprives people of a basic human need – but it also causes health challenges that can affect people and their communities for years afterward. As a result, we have also launched our Hunger-to-Health initiative that seeks to incorporate community health as a primary factor in our services. In the end, we will foster healthier, stronger, and happier communities across Idaho.

Morgan Wilson
Feeding the Community

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