The Closet


THE CLOSET is set up to provide FREE clothing to teens in need. Teens are referred to THE CLOSET by Ada County middle and high school counselors, juvenile corrections (about 30 days before release), homeless shelters, and word of mouth. THE CLOSET was founded in 2010 by Kelly McMurry and her desire to give back to the community.  To date, 3000 teens have shopped at THE CLOSET. Each teen is provided a one-hour private and confidential appointment where they can shop and pick out the clothes they like. The clothing is donated by the community with an increasing number of retailers partnering to provide NEW items. Although the main purpose of visiting THE CLOSET is to receive clothing, we are doing something much more than that. Every teen that walks through our doors is loved unconditionally.  We hope in that one hour appointment to provide the much needed clothing, but also love on them and help build self-esteem in their difficult broken lives. We are a 100% volunteer run organization. We consider it nothing less than a privilege to love on and clothe the youth in our community.



Kelly McMurry
Free Clothing To Teens

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