Surel’s Place Inc.

Established in 2011, Surel’s Place is Idaho’s only live-in artist-in-residency program located in Garden City, Idaho. The studio serves as the anchor of the eponymous neighborhood, The Surel Mitchell Live-Work-Create District. Our artists-in-residence come from all over the country and abroad and stay for month-long residencies working in a wide range of disciplines, from the visual, literary, and performing arts. Our artists in-residence participate in workshops, readings, performances, and exhibits, which foster the idea that art is accessible and necessary to our quality of life and sense of community. In addition, we serve over a hundred local artists annually through our Art Event Program. Whether it be residencies or art events, this inspiring live/work space allows artists of all disciplines the time and freedom to reflect, create, and share their work with the Idaho community. Artists need shelter. Artists need space. Artists need time. Surel’s Place offers artists the gift of all three

Karen Bubb
Art Saves Lives