Post Falls Food Bank

Our mission is to provide dignity and choice to those struggling in poverty through a united community effort. We are a community supported program and take no tax payer money. We collect over one million pounds of food annually to share with Kootenai county families living in poverty. Our local market serves between 75 – 100 families every day. Our Food Share Program provides over 350,000 pounds of food annually to emergency shelters, soup kitchens, transitional living programs, and food banks. The Post Falls Food Bank is like no other food bank. Our registered guests don’t stand in line to be handed a box of pre- packaged food. Our families are given a certain number of points every month. With these points they shop in our market weekly. They choose the food they want for their families and are responsible for managing their own monthly food points….choice and dignity. The food bank also provides food to the smallest members of our community, our school children living in poverty. Every week we provide a nutritional pack of food to ensure these children have food for the two days they’re away from school.

Leslie Orth
Food Share Storefront

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