Positive Everyday Cancer Foundation

In one day, our world shattered. On Oct. 3, 2014 Raiden — a son, brother, nephew, grandson and 3-year-old boy — was diagnosed with Stage 4 Nueroblastoma. Our entire family faced a challenge that would leave each and every one of us feeling unraveled, lost, sad and challenged. Throughout Raiden’s treatment, family and friends rallied around the little boy we loved so dearly…offering positives, hope and praying for a full recovery. In summer 2015, our family felt it was time we could do something about the devastating impacts of childhood cancer. From our own feelings of sadness and devastation rose a wave of determination — a wave of positive resolution. That’s when Positive Every Day Cancer Foundation, Inc., came to life. Our nonprofit creates time for families in Wisconsin with a child fighting cancer to connect, despite the difficult diagnosis and treatment ahead. We feel mealtime is an important opportunity for family connection, and through providing pre-cooked meals or funding for groceries or cleaning services we can alleviate some of the stress from everyday life. We also focus on enhancing family relationships through donating a night together at home or elsewhere.

Melissa Beyer
A Wave of Positive Resolution