Plunket South Canterbury

The best research in the world tells us the greatest social good will be achieved by investing in a child’s earliest years. That research is at the core of our vision “1000 days to make the difference of a lifetime”. It’s our vision and passion to ensure all tamariki/children are thriving, and that parents are supported to become confident and knowledgeable about their children’s needs. To make sure no family is isolated or unable to cope. We support families by providing free access to parenting education classes; our family centre, postnatal support; injury prevention activities; hire equipment service, toy libraries, playgroups, support groups and early childhood services in our urban and rural communities. The NZ Government funds Plunket to deliver a well child service. All the support services mentioned above are provided by a groups of volunteers via grants, donations and fundraising. We are tasked with raising $230,000 per year to keep these vital services going. Please vote for us, and know your donation will be used wisely, supporting parenting in our community.

Jane Denley
Child Resources for All